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One of the many facts of life is that the future is unknown. We can create the experiences we want, but no two days are ever the same. Our uncertainty about the future can also cause a lot of stress and be the source of worry for many people, especially when it comes to ensuring their loved one are protected if they should pass on. With the right life insurance, you can live out your life knowing that those you leave behind will be safe, happy, and well cared for – because of your investment in life insurance.


What are the Benefits of Buying Life Insurance?


Besides protecting your family, estate, and assets after you pass away, life insurance provides peace of mind to you. The benefits of investing in life insurance are numerous:


  • Your family can use the money received from your life insurance policy to pay off debt and other expenses related to your passing

  • The funds can be used to reinvest in life insurance policies for those that you leave behind

  • It will be easy for your family to put money aside for college educations, down payments on homes or anything else you would want for your children should you pass away

  • Life insurance ensures that your business can carry on after you pass away

  • The money can be used to invest in charity or breathe new life into your community through donations


Because everyone’s life is different, the way in which life insurance gets used is also quite varied. When you work with a licensed insurance agent, you’ll be able to learn about all the ways you can ensure your family, friends, and community are looked after.


Life Insurance is Not as Expensive As You Might Think


When people think about having enough money to cover the cost of funerals or their family after they pass away, many people make the mistake of thinking that life insurance costs a lot of money. The truth is that life insurance can cost only a few dollars a month, depending on your age and health, as well as how much coverage you want. We are happy to provide life insurance quotes to our clients to help them decide which insurance package is right for them. Finding out how much coverage you need depends on many factors as well:


  • How you want your family to use the life insurance money

  • How much debt you have

  • How many members of your family will benefit from the insurance money

  • Where you live

  • External donations or charities you wish to contribute to

  • Your licensed insurance agent can help you map out the best use of your life insurance policy.


What are the Different Types of Life Insurance?


Many life insurance policies are available to choose from. These include term life insurance policies, whole life insurance, and final expense life insurance. When you work with our life insurance agency, you’ll be able to learn about each type of life insurance in more detail and find out which one is right for you.


Term life insurance policies are usually good for a specific period, and payments are fixed so that your loved ones know exactly how much money is available to them at the time of your passing. Whole life insurance is meant to provide comprehensive coverage for the rest of your life and does not expire, regardless of your age. Final expense insurance policies are intended to reduce the burden of paying for your funeral; this type of policy is very affordable and can be included in any other kind of policy to ensure that final expenses are considered at the time payment is made.


Want to Learn More About Life Insurance?


Contact Ashley Swegle Agency to find out how holding a life insurance policy can ensure the future of your family is protected when you pass away. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns you have about life insurance. Remember, paying a little bit each month can make all the difference for your family later in life. It’s a valuable investment for yourself and their future.

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