Collector Car Insurance

It’s a parade-worthy relic that continues to attract attention. Allow us to assist you in ensuring that your classic car does not become history.

Missouri Classic Car Insurance

Ashley Swegle Agency can assist you in obtaining the appropriate coverage for your collectible or antique vehicle at an affordable price. Collector cars and trucks require specialized insurance policy than a conventional car or automobile, which we can provide at Ashley Swegle Agency.

Once a vehicle reaches the age of 15-20 years or more, it is classified as an antique. Exotic cars, sports cars, hot rods and unusual automobiles can all be covered under collector car insurance.

Collector Car Coverage

Even if your car is a classic, American National offers insurance options that are far from traditional. Here’s how we take care of your classic or antique car as fellow enthusiasts:

Timeless Value – After a covered loss, we’ll issue you a check for the agreed amount (less the deductible) with agreed value coverage.

Keep it Running – Our substantial annual mileage limit ensures that you can keep driving.

Roadside Assistance – When needed, we provide emergency roadside assistance as well as flatbed towing wherever available.

Select a Repair Facility – Because deciding who goes beneath the hood can be a contentious matter, we’ll leave it up to you.

Spare Parts Coverage – It’s a good idea to keep spare components on hand; if your parts are destroyed in a covered loss, you will get reimbursement up to $1,000 in restocking costs.

Collector Car Discounts

Overpaying for coverage will never be in style, so we offer a variety of premium lowering discounts for your classic or antique car.


Fresh Start Discount – When you apply for a policy before your current one expires, we provide premium reductions to individuals who plan ahead.

Three Line Discount – When you insure your vehicle, house, and life with us, you can save on qualifying homeowners and auto premiums.

Collector’s Discount – The more cars you possess, the more money you’ll save with us, and the faster you’ll be able to expand your collection.

We can create a collector car insurance policy for you in Missouri that will protect your classic, exotic, sports, rare, or antique vehicle.


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