Only you know what success looks like for your business and we can assist you avoid some of the mistakes that could harm your profits. Let’s work together to cover your business.

Property Coverage

What your business owns, what rights it holds and what your company is entitled to is important.

The building that your company owns or rents is covered by commercial property insurance. Equipment, computers, tools, and furniture would all be covered under a Missouri business property insurance coverage. Allow the professionals at Ashley Swegle Agency to assess your commercial property insurance requirements in order to determine the optimum coverage for your liabilities and risks.

  1. Buildings, permanently installed equipment and outdoor fixtures
  2. Computer systems, electronic media, including valuables
  3. Outdoor property, including signs and debris removal
  4. Property in transit or temporarily off premises
  5. Accounts receivable
  6. Employee dishonesty, forgery or alterations
  7. Money and securities, on or off premises

Liability insurance

  1. Reduce the financial effect of damages, litigation, medical expenditures, and anything else you’re held liable for, whether on or off the job with commercial general liability insurance.
  3. Protection of your small business against lawsuits
  5. Helps with costs to defend and settle claims against your business, including property damage and bodily injury.
  7. Fire legal liability/damage to premises rented by you
  9. Medical expenses
  11. Hired and non-owned auto
  13. Primary and noncontributory coverage

Workers Compensation

A Company is only as good as the people that work for it. Make sure your employees know how much you value them by purchasing an insurance plan that pays for medical treatment and helps replace lost wages in the event of a work-related injury.

Pension Plan

We simplify the process of putting together a pension package that is right for your company. You provide the data, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pension plans include:


  1. 412(e)(3) Plans
  2. 401(k) Plans
  3. Cross-Tested Profit-Sharing Plans
  4. Cash Balance Plans
  5. Innovative design
  6. Complete Plan Administration

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your fleet of vehicles is an extension of your business. You can rest easy knowing that your company is properly protected, no matter where it goes, with the right coverage from a commercial auto insurance policy.

You can’t be everywhere at once — that’s where we come in:

  1. Drive Responsibly – Accidents happen, but with liability coverage for personal injury, physical damage, and property damage, we can help you reduce your risk.
  2. Additional Help – If vehicles are damaged outside of an accident, there are options to help keep you covered.
  3. Personal Injury Protection – In the event of an accident, we can assist with medical payments for those who have been injured on the road, from medical expenditures to lost income.

Other Business Insurance Options

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Loss of Income

Following an accident, we can assist in filling in the gaps for any additional expenses or lost revenues.


Cyber Insurance

Protect yourself from the costs of repairing data and systems that have been harmed as a result of a cyber assault.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy is a low-cost way to get coverage that extends beyond the boundaries of your existing policies.

Employer Stop-Loss Insurance

Small business owners that self-insure their health insurance are at risk of huge losses as a result of catastrophic claims. We can help limit your exposure.

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