Auto Insurance in Missouri

Instant quotes and cheapest car insurance premiums sound great until you realize you’ve picked the wrong coverage. At Ashley Swegle Agency we work to give you options that meet your specific needs.

Missouri Car Insurance Coverage

When it comes to Vehicle insurance, one size does not fit all. Selecting a Missouri car insurance policy with limits and deductibles that are custom made for you can save you time and money. Ashley Swegle Agency takes the time to get to know you, your cars, and driving habits so we can provide you with the right Missouri auto insurance policy and coverage. We offer coverage for all types of vehicles. We can insure your collector car, as well as your daily commuter. We will help you make insurance decisions based on the best coverage for you and your budget.

Having Adequate Car Insurance in Missouri

No matter which car insurance coverage you select for your auto, you can be confident that Ashley Swegle Agency will be here to help if you ever need to use them. Our agency offers a full line of auto insurance products from an A rated insurance company, and one of Forbes most trustworthy financial companies in 2017. We will make sure you’re properly covered under the Missouri car insurance requirements. 

Important Auto Insurance Coverages

There are many types of coverages on your policy, and while some are very common, others may come as a surprise to you. Let’s review a few of the most important auto insurance coverage for you:

Collision Coverage

If your vehicle becomes damaged or destroyed due to an accident with another car or vehicle, regardless of who is at fault, Collision coverage will help to cover the repairs or replace your vehicle up to the actual cash value.

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage also protects your car, but only if it is damaged by something other than a fixed or moving item. For instance, theft, a rock shattering your glass while traveling on the highway, a wild animal you might hit, and so on.

Property Damage coverage

Let’s say you hit someone’s car, or a guard rail, or a house, or some other piece of property that belongs to someone else. Property damage coverage is the section of your car insurance policy that pays the other party for their losses.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

In the event that you hurt another person in an accident, bodily injury coverage protects your financial interests. This is the section of your insurance that covers the other party’s medical bills and expenses. Missouri requires that drivers have bodily injury liability coverage of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability coverage of at least $10,000 per accident. Missouri requires uninsured motorist coverage of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Due to the high expense of medical care, carrying liability insurance coverage that are too low is risky. This is something we can assist you with.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

 & Under-insured Liability Insurance

This policy reimburses you for personal injury if you are hurt by someone else and that person is either unidentified, an uninsured driver or an underinsured motorist that does not have a high enough Bodily Injury Liability limit to cover your expenditures. Because you have no influence over whether or not other people you are driving around with have enough insurance or carry insurance at all, this is also a vital aspect of your auto insurance coverage.

Common Auto Insurance Rating Variables

Age – Your age is factored into overall rating systems of the insurance company. Drivers under the age of 25 and those over the age of 65 normally do not receive preferential rates because statistics show that those two age groups have the highest loss frequency and are thus more likely to suffer financial losses as a result of an auto accident.

Credit – For many years, credit has been utilized as a factor in car insurance rates. Your rates will normally be more advantageous if you have good credit.


Car – the type of vehicle, engine size, and safety features, among other factors, all play a role in deciding the Missouri auto insurance rate.


Driving History – the price is heavily influenced by your driving record and loss history. If you have a shady driving record, such as many moving offenses or accidents, you are more likely to be arrested.


Household – Missouri auto insurance companies underwrite at the household level, which means they try to estimate the likelihood of loss based on the entire household. If there are many drivers under the age of 25 in the house, this will have an impact on everyone’s pricing.

Car Insurance in Missouri - Get our endorsements

Our endorsements provide you even more power and flexibility over your policy, allowing you to make it more personal.

GAP insurance – Protect yourself financially when you owe money on a depreciated vehicle with GAP insurance. GAP insurance covers the difference between what a vehicle is currently worth (which your standard insurance will pay) and the amount you actually owe on it. GAP coverage is an endorsement that may be added to your auto policy. If your vehicle is a total loss, this endorsement will make up the difference between what you owe on your vehicle and what the vehicle is worth – up to $10,000.

Roadside assistance – Missouri drivers can feel better with 24-hour assistance

Best Car Insurance Discounts

ACE – If your vehicle is new (less than a year old and less than 15,000 miles), this endorsement will replace it with a comparable vehicle if the cost to repair it exceeds 25% of its original value. If the vehicle can be fixed, this endorsement will cover the extra cost of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Fresh Start Discount® – If you are an early shopper and apply for an auto policy before your current coverage expires, we will discount your first six months of coverage.

Association Discount – We offer a 10% discount on your auto policy premium if you’re a member of certain auto clubs. See us for qualifying clubs and associations.

CashbackS – If you insure both your vehicle and your home with us and are claim free for three consecutive years, we’ll send you a rebate check for 25% of the eligible home and auto premiums you paid three years prior. You’ll receive a check each year thereafter that you remain claim free.*

Three Line Discounts – When you insure your vehicle, home and life with us, we will discount your auto and home insurance policies.

Motorcycle Insurance

Riding with proper protection takes more than just a helmet. However, with the right coverage, you can hit the open road knowing that we’ve got your back.

Ride Responsibly – Coverage for liability and medical payments following an accident

Safeguard Your Bike – We offer comprehensive and collision coverage

Defend Against Uninsured Motorists – We have options to cover you against those who aren’t insured

Replace Your Gear – Get extended coverage for accessories, helmets and apparel

We’ll Meet You Anywhere – We offer 24-hour towing and roadside assistance

Stick Together & Save – Discounts are available to motorcycle group members

Preserve Rare Rides – Special coverage for trikes and vintage bikes

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